Our Stakeholders

We set out below our key stakeholders and why they matter to us. We engage with them to understand what’s important and we will continue to build on our strong relationships with all our stakeholders. It is vital for us to listen and recognise their needs.

This understanding will support the decision-making process at all levels in the business, enhance our reputation as a trusted landlord, and further establish our presence in the office, industrial and logistics markets of the South East and London.



Why they matter - Our occupiers are at the heart of our business and we take great pride in creating sustainable environments where their businesses can thrive.


Why they matter - Our shareholders are fundamental to how we operate as a business. They provide the equity base for the business and although they are primarily looking at a financial return they are increasingly holding companies to account on their ESG strategy and policies.


Why they matter - Our employees are a diverse mix of highly skilled and experienced individuals who are keen to see both themselves and the Company develop and grow. Their skills, enthusiasm and commitment are central to business success.


Why they matter - We are mindful that as a Company we do not work in isolation. We are committed to playing our part in the local community and supporting charitable, education and other causes that might benefit from our experience.


Why they matter - We use a large number of products and services to construct, improve and maintain our buildings. The procurement choices we make can have a significant impact on people, organisations and the wider environment. For this reason, suppliers and contractors play a fundamental role in delivering our vision and achieving our objectives. We recognise that by working closely with our suppliers we can have a material impact and we have an obligation to ensure that our supply chain and procurement practices follow proper standards.

How we engage

  • Each occupier is appointed their own dedicated in-house asset manager who is available to discuss any aspect of an occupier’s lease terms.
  • A dedicated in-house occupier services representative is assigned to each occupier. Their aim is to support each occupiers’ business needs on a day-to-day basis.
  • We carry out regular customer services satisfaction surveys creating action plans and feedback on actions taken.
  • Regular press releases and RNS announcements on business events.
  • There is a well established investor relations programme of investor and analyst presentations. These presentations follow the annual financial timetable and are undertaken following the announcement of the end of year and half year results.
  • All Directors attend the Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) and are available to engage with shareholders.
  • The Chairman of the Remuneration Committee wrote to major shareholders and governance bodies in February 2020 in relation to the Remuneration Policy Renewal at the 2020 AGM.
  • An Employee Representative Non-Executive Director (‘desNED’) was appointed in April 2019 and provides a conduit to the Board for the employee voice.
  • Executive Directors undertake year end and interim presentations to employees and actively encourage attendance at the Company’s AGM.
  • We engage with employees through regular team meetings, annual appraisals and training opportunities.
  • As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our employees we offer health and dental care schemes, and occupational health support is regularly made available.
  • Supporter of the Reading University Pathways to Property programme. As part of this programme three of our team are now mentors to students on their property course.
  • A partner of Ethical Reading, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to making Reading a better place to live and work through helping organisations become more ethical.
  • Supporter of Land Aid, a property industry charity focused on reducing youth homelessness.
  • In the current Covid-19 environment we have supported NHS Charities Together, the umbrella organisation for the NHS’ official charities in the UK and local charity Alexander Devine children’s hospice service.
  • We engage with all suppliers at pre-qualification stage and with every new contract or contract renewal.
  • Key suppliers in the top five operational procurement categories are audited on an annual basis to ensure compliance with our procurement policy.
  • We strive for continual improvement. We are committed to advancing our policies and systems across the Company to ensure we address and monitor performance in all aspects of sustainability that are relevant to the business.